The Making Of Friends
Ein Gedicht, das mir jemand geschickt hat:

The Making Of Friends

If you put truth above your own desires
And value those as friends who feel the same

If you take pride in things that you’ve accomplished
And when you’re wrong, stand up and take the blame

If you can understand your limitations
And not waste time on tasks beyond your scope
But take the future as a brand new challenge
That you can meet with confidence and hope

If you can listen to those who would advise you
And then judge for yourself just what is right

If you can keep in touch with all about you
And settle differences without a fight

If you can find delight in simple pleasures
And see the rainbow, not the falling rain

If you can lose and never gibe up trying
Believing that there’s nothing done in vain

If you can staunchly stick by your convictions
And not let others set your goals for you

If you can be as practical as need be
And still remember sometimes dreams come true

If you can live the life that you believe in
And trust your judgment and maturity
Then you’ll be not just happy and successful,
But the worthwhile person you are meant to be.

E. M. Gerus
Hi Manju, danke für das Gedicht. *rose*
Ich finde es wunderschön und es spricht mir total aus der Seele. Hab vorher nicht die richtigen Worte dafür gefunden, aber hier sind sie! :)

Liebe Grüße,
Freiheit ist, was du mit dem tust, was dir angetan wird. - Jean-Paul Sartre
Mitten im Winter bemerkte ich schliesslich, dass es in mir einen unbesiegbaren Sommer gab. - Albert Camus